Dr. Yvette Hawkins

Dr. Yvette (Gorrell) Hawkins serves as the General Pastor of The Next Dimension Tabernacle International under the leadership of Bishop Stanley J. Gorrell (her son), where she became apart of NDCC in 2001. Through out her life, God has placed it on Dr. Hawkins’ heart to be a help to others. This is consistently displayed through her ministry to unwed homeless mothers. She has opened her doors both to unwed mothers and fathers when their biological families were not able to or chose not to help them. She has given young women the opportunity to better themselves. Most of who are on their way to becoming successful women of God. She continues to be a mentor, mother, counselor and strong example of how a woman of God should conduct herself in ministry.

Dr. Hawkins’ life is a living testimony that "God will never leave nor for sake you"! She also serves as the Shepard Mother and Prophetess for The Next Dimension Tabernacle. Dr. Hawkins continues to be an example for others, always upholding herself with class, character, integrity and excellence, and most importantly giving God all the Glory and the Honor due to  Him.
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